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What’s the deal with forgetting there are two factions in this game?

It’s said that “we take race balance seriously” and yet we run into the same theme time and time again where you can barely tell there is a second race due to the lack an advertised asmo on display and all the new skins “conceal your asmo fur!”

New players are quietly being led to roll elyos, because the players who might come and play an asmo don’t get to see many attractive representations of the race.  This contributes to the insane imbalance you find on most of the servers.

Additionally, BCM items are usually modeled by a default (uninteresting) asmo model (purple skin, red hair?  we all know those are not pleasing colors - we took art class!)

Talk to your Asmos players.  There are AMAZING Asmo character designs everywhere you look if you wander around Panda/Endgame resting areas.

Please stop hiding your asmos.  When you DO use one, don’t hide their fur and eyes.  Don’t use an offputting model.  Stop acting like the race characteristics like mane are something to be “hidden” - You are alienating a percentage of your player base and preventing future players from helping balance be achieved on the servers.

I am not a conspiracy theorist and I LOVE Aion, but the Powers That Be need to start doing right by the Asmo side of their player base, be it current asmos or FUTURE asmo players.


So pretty!

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Come back, Alchemist event!

I miss you already and  enchantmant stones and Felis prices.

Please come back, my virtual wallet needs you!


wtf O.O

Am I the only one who gets the hybrid elyos-asmodian vibes from these wings?

Hybrid oc characters, eat your hearts out.

I honestly kinda like the new wing colors despite that the design is a redundant. 8)

This event turned my songweaver alt into a pretty little witch.

Now I kind of want to level her just so she can run around Kata/Dana in this. It would be cute to skin over some pvp set.


Just look up~


trying to get kills on more experienced players like:image

So do you think that we could work out a sign
So I'll know it's you and that it's over so I won't even try



[4.6 MB gif // click to load] Kaisinel’s Wrath

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My default settings squeezed the screen, but I didn’t notice it right away, so they have square format. Anyway it seems not bad…I think so.