A kiss under the stars.


i-incarnate pls, where are you going…

He wanted to see the world outside.

Be free!



There’s finally a video that shows the full prowess of Magic Suppression. And here’s the scary part, a sorcerer is testing out her MS set by asking another sorcerer friend to nuke her.

They really went all out, popping Magic Assist, as well as weaving her with Freezing Wind. And the result? Her friend took like a minute to waste her completely. 

And as a sorcerer, that is a pretty long time for just trying to kill someone.

Stats on her set as follows:

Magic Suppression: 3432

Magic Resist: 2029

Spell Resist: 192

Elemental Resistance (all four elements): 610

Now imagine this on a cleric.

Dumping all my boredom screenies.

1. Danuar Spire
2. Icethorn Frontier Post/Sleeping Elders Plateau
3. Sauro Mountains
4. Morheim Snow Field


I tried the blinky thing like beli and lhyric but i hate dithering so not again

Did the thing with the sliders.

Leaving them here just in case I lose them. I’ll have them as a reference! But I also wanted to share how I made my favorite little Asmo. <33

me: *enters pvp instance*
me: *gets a TM-Elyos premade*
me: "...No."


floofy headcanons. must do.

They are just too cute together. I’m— ;A;