so I ran into this guy the other day…

I didn’t know whether to laugh or light it on fire.

Wtb sorcerer lessons for pvp. :c

 T r a n s c e n d e n c e


it is why i played aion… to be a gay male sw.

Flamboyant dancing Ivan has appeared; prettiest sw in all of Isra.

Sometimes I wonder after reading the NA forums and someone says “LOL why can’t we take uppers?” and constantly whine.

inc rant from a nobody sorc, hue.

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Tiamat’s Incarnations ~ Im liking the upper two, They shine more!

Fissure - Wrath - Gravity - Petrification

Probably the last time I’ll be able to go to UAS on my Asmodians for a while. Not sure how Divine defense is gonna go,

The scenery of this place is captivating.


I’m sure you guys read about the upcoming changes to enchantment stones and the enchanting system, well, NCsoft decided it’s high time they did the same to the manastone system too.

Some time back (actually quite a while back) during an event, a buff was given whereby it gave a 100% success of socketing any manastone into a socket.

NCsoft received a lot of feedback from players about the manastone socketing system and how “stressful” it was to socket something. And given how hardcore Korean players are, they usually end up wiping out the supply of manastones on the broker (lol) with their intense socketing.

Come 20 August 2014, there will be a reform of the manastone socketing system - 

*holds breath

When you fail a socket, failure only affects said socket, rather than all the sockets within the particular equip.

But don’t be misled though, they still aren’t changing the rates of manastone success / failure. Still, about time we had this change!



Video game logic seems reasonable.