[4.6 MB gif // click to load] Kaisinel’s Wrath

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My default settings squeezed the screen, but I didn’t notice it right away, so they have square format. Anyway it seems not bad…I think so.

I'm too young
to worry ‘bout
b̙̰u҉͙̫͕r҉ṋ͓͍̞͚͜i̳̭͕̞͚n̵͉͚̗g͈̤͇͕̬̤͞ ̘̙̰̭͟ͅo̴͚̮̣̖͖̘͇u̺̭̲̫̲̠t̪͍̙.

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so I ran into this guy the other day…

I didn’t know whether to laugh or light it on fire.

Wtb sorcerer lessons for pvp. :c

 T r a n s c e n d e n c e


it is why i played aion… to be a gay male sw.

Flamboyant dancing Ivan has appeared; prettiest sw in all of Isra.

Sometimes I wonder after reading the NA forums and someone says “LOL why can’t we take uppers?” and constantly whine.

inc rant from a nobody sorc, hue.

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Tiamat’s Incarnations ~ Im liking the upper two, They shine more!

Fissure - Wrath - Gravity - Petrification

Probably the last time I’ll be able to go to UAS on my Asmodians for a while. Not sure how Divine defense is gonna go,

The scenery of this place is captivating.