more costumes :D



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Been doing these unofficially for a while so making an at-a-glance sheet is overdue. I’ll also stream your stuff by request or if I feel particularly gregarious.

Payment via Paypal, USD
Easy email copypasta:


When I hit a geared temp

When I hit a geared temp spamming shield stance/block buffs or a block cleric 


sexyness overload !!! 4.7 armor :O

even tho it’s recycled armor IT STILL LOOKS COOL !


Progress. ~

Rosy doodle attempt while waiting to get my nails done.

Dunno what outfit to make het wear and I dunno how to draw asmo mane headcanon. ;A;

✨ mahou shoujo ✨

My legionmate, Diradem, is my SW Beritra senpai. <3

Soon we will be fabulous twins on the runway.


someone is enjoying this meme too much

best con for mentally retarded elysins

10/10 would dive again