Kungfu? More like Bunnyfu. ♡



Wake up bitch

Kung-fu bunny for to end the Easter Holiday. ~

I’m in love with the new emote now that I have it.


Really? In LFG?

I am so sick of girls who game that need people to know they are girls. Save yourself a fuck load of trouble and just don’t say anything. I’m all for defending my gender from creepy as dudes looking to harass anyone with a vagina but really? If you were looking for creepy PM’s I hope you got them lol

Dunno if this video is of equal relevance but


Ok no I don’t.  But I do have a legion.   I’m considering opening it up to recruitment, which I haven’t done in …gosh over a year.

My general wish is to have Bad Wolf be full of people that are very chill, who know the game and their class (both in pvp and pve).

They need to be as allergic to negativity and drama as possible since my tolerance for both is teeny tiny.  

The legion is small right now, so it’s no grand social network, people enjoy the game and do their own thing and we do stuff together when it suits us.  

Everyone in the legion needs to have a lvl 65 toon.  There are many wonderful legions that work around leveling and teaching, so we leave that to them.  Bad Wolf is largely focused on endgame stuff (and our alts when we need a change of scenery)

So yeh.   Just putting it out there. :)

I’ll definitely keep this in mind and reblog for a signal boost for peeps who need a great legion! <3

I may want to join with Rosy in the near future actually. I need to focus more on end-game and be with positive and fun people!


when a slow download finally finishes


The things I do for Fortuneer skins.

Always wanted this set but was usually out of level range to do Daemon/Fortuneer quests.

Now I can level past 55 feeling pretty and happy. ~~

Late night nonsense and Xboom talking about potatos and leading us into the ely mobs. Followed by covering Izcel while he afks.
Xboom said he was taking a bath and we needed to cover his shame. o vo;

Several EBs, Void Cubes, and successful crafts later; my first (ever) aug piece!

Kinda proud of myself that I’m actually shooting for it rather than just saying ‘fuck it, I’ll go with 60aug2”.

1/5 pieces to go!